25 Bästa pop album - 2015

Vi hittar Tove på plats nio, med denna motivering:

9. Tove Styrke

Flip on a radio and all that’s there is boiled-down messages, generic hooks, and low-hanging fruit.Tove Styrke looks to upend that complacency on Kiddo, an album that presents a crisp self-portrait of modern feminism in a world that constantly tries to undermine and break women down. The Swedish 23-year-old instead takes aim at conventional expectations — “Hot glam seems far away from where I am / I can / Neither understand it nor demand it,” she chants on the finger-flipping “Number One” — and makes you move while doing it. “Snaren” siphons Styrke’s voice through a droning vocoder on its intro, peppering in ricocheting bullet sounds and bits of shade: “You gon’ be hit alright / If you don’t wanna step aside / Boy, you / You really need to step aside,” she sneers. Heed her words and make room for Styrke’s confident stride. — B.C.

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