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“I make pop songs but it’s more like…I guess I’d describe it as more, sort of, off kilter pop, it’s got some sort of edge to it. It’s a bit everywhere, it’s playful and I always try to have fun with music and not limit myself. It’s way more fun to do it that way -how I thought about this album [Kiddo] when I started making it was like, with every song I want to enhance it and make it as much as it possibly could be. So with the productions it’s always a new story with each song, it is like what is it that I want people to take a way from this. What is it that I want to communicate and then try to enhance that with a sound. So I mean it’s very playful and interesting, I think.

One of the simpler songs is called ‘Whose Got News’, I like that one because it is quite different from the other ones because it is the same verse twice and it’s describing power abuse, which is something that bothers me. It’s a little bit more poetic, I guess, than many of my other lyrics. I am quite fond of that one. But I also like ‘Borderline‘ that’s also about a [bigger picture issue] -it’s basically about inequality, I think it’s fun to describe bigger more complex issues and sort of, boil it down and translate it to a pop lyric. I think that’s a fun challenge.

I’ve always been doing [music], my dad, he had a music store when I grew up so there was always instruments around. I just always did it. Different things [inspire me]. Often I get a visual -I get photos in my head and I try to sort of make music that fits that. Often I don’t do anything with that visual idea but I use it as an inspiration for the music.

With the [music] videos I try to embrace the core of the song that I ended up with. I was really lucky I found this guy [Rúnar Ingi], he is from Iceland, he makes really really beautiful things. The first thing I did with him was the Borderline video, we shot that at Svalbard, it’s the North Pole. It’s a really cool place I really recommend it. I really clicked with him. We talked a lot about what emotion we wanted to bring forward.

That sound that, sort of, early 2000s sort of, smarting studio sound -very straight forward pop. That was when I was growing up, I just thought it was a really fun challenge to take, [Baby One More Time], a song from that era and turn it into something completely different -like bring out the dark side of it.

The plan wasn’t to make a video but I got an idea that it would be really fun to make…I had no money at all. My idea was to use just the iPhone as light and light my face. Because I was at home, sitting in the dark practicing the song, looking at the lyrics [on my phone] then I saw myself in the mirror and I was like that looks pretty cool. That was the idea and we created this lonesome disco in this old industrial building.”

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Ny intervju med Tove

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405tv Interview: Tove Styrke x Way Out West

The 405 recently spent a few days in Gothenburg for Way Out West Festival 2015, and quite frankly had a marvellous time - see our Photo Essay from the experience here.

While in Sweden's second city we had a chat with the very charming Tove Styrke about all things Way Out West and Gothenburg, and also the concept of "ugly dancing". Watch our video with the popstar below.

Tove's second album Kiddo is out now via RCA/Sony, an album that should be soundtracking your summer if it is not doing so already. Be sure to catch her on a UK tour here this autumn.

Teen Vogue - Intervju med Tove

 http://www.teenvogue.com/story/tove-styrke-interview?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter (kopiera länken för att läsa intervjun).

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Artikel om Tove

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Ny intervju med Tove

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Intervju med Tove - Video


Intervju med Tove

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Ny intervju med Tove

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Tove i Dagens Industri


Ny intervju med Tove

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Intervju med Tove för VK


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Nya artiklar om Tove

Klicka här för att läsa artikeln från nylon.com. Om ni klickar på den här länken så kan ni även höra en ny låt med Tove som heter "Brag".
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Smakprov på en ny låt

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Ny artikel om Tove

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Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You - Äntligen här!

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Ni får även lyrics till låten här nedanför:
Verse 1
I think I hit a nerve when I burst solitude
Palooka set in motion and it’s drowning you
I know you feel that pop doesn’t really have a clue
But even if I’m loud it doesn’t mean I’m talking to you

Verse 2
You’re educated now but you never stand a chance
Sophisticated ain’t helping you to do the dance
I think you’re stuck in that me myself and I romance
But that’s too wild for you man to understand

Verse 1

Verse 3
You got a true mad deep big crush on yourself
I hope you hit the ground hard when you fell for yourself
You got that crossed armed posture such a sorry sight
If you do shit like that I don’t need to be nice
I got my half ass rhymes to set me free
That’s why you never ever ever can get to me
I sense my loolycomotion’s like a brick at you 
But even if I’m loud it doesn’t mean I’m talking to you

Verse 1

Nah can’t take it Imma break it i´m gonna shake it off me now
Within 27 minutes I’m gonna shake it like a diva
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Spotify: spoti.fi/1hJUmIH
iTunes: bit.ly/1sJpGOV
Wimp: bit.ly/1g3Ce12

Nytt från Tove

Dessa bilder finns på facebook.se/Tovestyrke. Jag tror att det är namnen på Toves nya låtar eller iallafall en del från låtarna. 
På wimp.se så kan man  se att Tove kommer att släppa en låt som heter "Even If I´m Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You". Klicka härför att komma till den sidan.
Även amazon skriver att Tove kommer att släppa en låt den 23 maj. Klicka här för att se inlägget.

Tove släpper en ny singel

"Om två veckor släpper Tove en ny singel på det sexiga formatet VINYL! På CDON kan man nu förhandsboka "Even if I'm loud it doesn't mean I'm talking to you" som släpps den 23:e maj. Vi får även anta att singeln släpps digitalt och spelas i radio framöver" - Så skriver "vi som är fans av Tove Styrke" på facebook.Det verkar som att det blir comeback för Tove och just nu så finns det ingenting vi önskar. Efter att det har varit väldigt tyst om Tove under en lång period så var detta en perfekt. På facebook sidan så skrev dem att man kan förboka singeln på cdon.com men länken leder bara till startsidan på cdon.com. Så jag kommer att länka när det kommer ut mer information om singeln och skivan.
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