Hanna Järver ❤️ Tove Styrke - Allt & Ingenting (Friends Arena Live Session del 1)


Big Wild - Aftergold feat. Tove Styrke [Official Music Video]

I figured Big Wild’s Aftergold, which features spunky vocals by Swedish pop artist Tove Styrke, is such a colossal jam that it’d be criminal not to re-share the song now that a video has come to light. The SoCal producer and Tove take us on a vibrant journey both in the song’s video and on the chime frisky banger itself. The gilded enchanting, glittering rambunctious dance anthem is out now on Foreign Family Collective and available via iTunes

GAFFA-priset, årets pop!

Tove vann pris som årets pop priset av GAFFA.
Tove deade denna bild på sin facebook sida den 8 januari, men jag glömde att lägga upp den, så här har ni den. 

Ny intervju med Tove


“I make pop songs but it’s more like…I guess I’d describe it as more, sort of, off kilter pop, it’s got some sort of edge to it. It’s a bit everywhere, it’s playful and I always try to have fun with music and not limit myself. It’s way more fun to do it that way -how I thought about this album [Kiddo] when I started making it was like, with every song I want to enhance it and make it as much as it possibly could be. So with the productions it’s always a new story with each song, it is like what is it that I want people to take a way from this. What is it that I want to communicate and then try to enhance that with a sound. So I mean it’s very playful and interesting, I think.

One of the simpler songs is called ‘Whose Got News’, I like that one because it is quite different from the other ones because it is the same verse twice and it’s describing power abuse, which is something that bothers me. It’s a little bit more poetic, I guess, than many of my other lyrics. I am quite fond of that one. But I also like ‘Borderline‘ that’s also about a [bigger picture issue] -it’s basically about inequality, I think it’s fun to describe bigger more complex issues and sort of, boil it down and translate it to a pop lyric. I think that’s a fun challenge.

I’ve always been doing [music], my dad, he had a music store when I grew up so there was always instruments around. I just always did it. Different things [inspire me]. Often I get a visual -I get photos in my head and I try to sort of make music that fits that. Often I don’t do anything with that visual idea but I use it as an inspiration for the music.

With the [music] videos I try to embrace the core of the song that I ended up with. I was really lucky I found this guy [Rúnar Ingi], he is from Iceland, he makes really really beautiful things. The first thing I did with him was the Borderline video, we shot that at Svalbard, it’s the North Pole. It’s a really cool place I really recommend it. I really clicked with him. We talked a lot about what emotion we wanted to bring forward.

That sound that, sort of, early 2000s sort of, smarting studio sound -very straight forward pop. That was when I was growing up, I just thought it was a really fun challenge to take, [Baby One More Time], a song from that era and turn it into something completely different -like bring out the dark side of it.

The plan wasn’t to make a video but I got an idea that it would be really fun to make…I had no money at all. My idea was to use just the iPhone as light and light my face. Because I was at home, sitting in the dark practicing the song, looking at the lyrics [on my phone] then I saw myself in the mirror and I was like that looks pretty cool. That was the idea and we created this lonesome disco in this old industrial building.”

Klicka här om ni vil läsa intervjun på deras hemsida. 

Tove Styrke - Borderline (Live At Brixton Academy)


25 Bästa pop album - 2015

Vi hittar Tove på plats nio, med denna motivering:

9. Tove Styrke

Flip on a radio and all that’s there is boiled-down messages, generic hooks, and low-hanging fruit.Tove Styrke looks to upend that complacency on Kiddo, an album that presents a crisp self-portrait of modern feminism in a world that constantly tries to undermine and break women down. The Swedish 23-year-old instead takes aim at conventional expectations — “Hot glam seems far away from where I am / I can / Neither understand it nor demand it,” she chants on the finger-flipping “Number One” — and makes you move while doing it. “Snaren” siphons Styrke’s voice through a droning vocoder on its intro, peppering in ricocheting bullet sounds and bits of shade: “You gon’ be hit alright / If you don’t wanna step aside / Boy, you / You really need to step aside,” she sneers. Heed her words and make room for Styrke’s confident stride. — B.C.

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Musikhjälpen - Tove

Imorgo, 13/12 så kommer Tove att uppträda på musikhjälpen.Klicka här för mer information. 

Photoshoot med Tove

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Ny intervju med Tove

Klicka här för att läsa en ny intervju med Tove. 

L'Obs - Tove Styrke


L'Obs - Tove Styrke from Daniel Griffel on Vimeo.

Ny intervju med Tove


A blog post on a Wednesday!? Oh Lordy what has gotten in to us! I know, I know we have been abandoning you guys lately but we have just been SO busy, with Cass working her arse off in Soba and I have been going to ALL the gigs + uni work + London trips…OH HOW HARD LIFE CAN BE AT TIMES!  

Fear not though as we are back with so many amazing stories to tell. Today we will be telling you all about the absolutely delightful TOVE STYRKE, seriously what a gal (love heart emojis eerrrywhere)!  

We had heard about the amazing songstress through the wonder of the internet, (oh what glorious things technology does for us these days!) and from then on we have been superfans/stalkers. We were SO SO SOOOOO HAPPY when we found out that Tove was joining Years & Years on their UK tour, stopping off to play a sold out show at the ABC in Glasgow.

So, I know what you are thinking…YOU GUYS INTERVIEWED SOMEONE AT THE ABC!? GUYS GUYS GUYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!! (if you weren’t thinking that, well you bloody are now). Yeah you heard it here first, we went to the venue with the largest disco ball known to man to interview Tove Styrke, how the f*ck do we manage to do these amazing things!? (are we actually journalists now? OMG LOL at us)

I made my way to the venue with my notepad and pen in hand (I have to look the part at least…) and sat down with Tove to talk about ALL things Tove!  

FCK YES: Hi Tove! Tell us about how you started your musical career

TOVE: I have always been fiddling with music since I was young, I have always been very into it. Then when I was 16 I actually entered one of those talent shows, Swedish Idol, it’s a really strange way to get into music. I don’t recommend it at all, but I was 16 at the time and they called me being like “Hey, do you want to audition?”, I just couldn’t really say no!  

So from that I got a record deal, I finished third. So there I was, 17 with a record deal and somehow I managed to sort of make quite a good debut album but I think it’s because I really took my time to do it and worked on a lot of the material myself, so it wasn’t the thing that people usually do from them shows.  

FCK YES: Your latest album was released earlier this year, how have you found the reception from your audience?

TOVE: It’s been really great. People have seemed to understood the album, it’s gotten such a nice reception everywhere. It’s so nice and you realise, especially when you are out touring, you actually get to meet people and talk to them about the songs, I think that’s really fun to see how people relate to the songs!  

FCK YES: We have listened to some of your older material, and you can tell it’s very different to the music you have out right now. With the music industry constantly changing, did you feel you had to reinvent yourself?

TOVE: For me it didn’t really feel like that as the music has grown with me. I started out when I was 17 so the music has evolved with me and also with this album I had a more solid foundation to build from and that made it a lot easier. I had a real vision with this album, what I wanted to create, what I wanted to do with it and what I wanted to explore musically. That’s a huge advantage and I guess that shows.  

FCK YES: We here at FCK YES absolutely ADORE your song ‘Number One’ and we LOVE the music video for it! Tell us the story behind that video.

TOVE: I did two videos before that. I did one for my song ‘Borderline’ which we shot in Svalbard, which is this extraordinary place, it’s so beautiful and after that we shot the video for 'Ego’ in Tokyo, so both of them were in very epic places, very breathtaking and scenic.  

My idea for 'Number One’ was to take it down and to make something that sort of shows just the person without any gran backdrop, to make it feel natural.  

FCK YES: Amazing! So, are you enjoying your tour with Years & Years?  

TOVE: Very much so! They are so sweet. The crowds have been so great.

FCK YES: It must be amazing to be supporting an act on a sold out tour as well!

TOVE: YEAH! I’m so happy they asked me to come with them, it’s been so great. I also feel like it’s such a great match, after every show I see people tweeting “OH I’m so happy Years & Years introduced you to us!” and that’s how you want an opening slot to work!  

FCK YES: Definitely! Have you played in Glasgow before?

TOVE: No, never! This whole tour is so much fun as well because I have never played outside of London. It’s so great to get to travel around and see this place. We came from Newcastle this morning and normally I fall asleep in the van but I couldn’t, the view was amazing. The drive up was so beautiful!

FCK YES: You are in for a treat as well tonight as Scottish crowds are the best!


FCK YES: Right it’s time for a silly question…if you were an emoji, which emoji would you be!?

TOVE: AHH eeeermm, oh no I can’t say that…ahhhhh ok you know the fart emoji? Or it’s somebody going really fast. I use that for everything, probably some animal with that like the bumblebee with that one. I use that all the time.  



TOVE: hmmm right now I’m not drinking actually, so right now it’s a no but it’s not a F*CK NO, it’s just a not right now…I’m trying to keep it a bit professional haha!

FCK YES: Kanye West running for President

TOVE: hahaha I have to go with F*CK YES! The campaign would be so exciting

FCK YES: I agree, probably not someone that you want to run the country but the campaign would be exciting

TOVE: YES! Running for it YES, winning it NO

FCK YES: Ryan Gosling


FCK YES: Pineapple on pizza

TOVE: Eeerm NO

FCK YES: Ahh I’m a F*CK YES on that one

TOVE: Oh you are? I used to be a F*CK YES but I’m done, I have gone back to the Margarita  

FCK YES: Yep classic, how god intended it

TOVE: Yeah totally!

FCK YES: Thanks Tove!

What an absolute gem right!? I don’t think anyone can read that interview and not think “omg what an absolute diamond of a human being”. If you thought I had a crush on Tove Styrke before then it has multiplied by 284922 after sitting down and chatting to her.  

After the interview I watched her take to the stage supporting Years & Years at a sold out ABC. She put on an amazing show with confidence, gorgeous vocals and some damn good dance moves. Absolutely incredible how she has never played in Glasgow before but had the venue packed and a massive group of people singing along to every word (me included).  

Remember I said I adored her song 'Number One’ and the music video for it? Well you are in for treat…sit back, relax and enjoy!

Bild från Toves facebook

Leeds yesterday was amazing! Thank you Years & Years for bringing me on this tour Smiley heart I'm having such a blast!

📷 via @yearsandyears instagram

För er som inte vet så började Tove att turnera med bandet Years & Years och hon la upp den här bilden med texten på sin facebook sida. 

Tove uppträder på P3 Live session

Klicka här för att lyssna på Toves spelning. Spola fram till ungefär 33 minuter för att höra Tove.

P3 älskar Karlstad

Tove uppträde på P3 älskar Karlstad och hittils så har jag bara hittat en bild. Så fort jag hittar fler bilder och någon video så kommer jag att lägga om dom här.

Spelning i Göteborg!


Såhär skriver sverigesradio.se

Veckans artister:

Tove Styrke, som med sin hyllade platta Kiddo, feta amerikanska talkshows och en väl utvald sommarturné i bagaget sannolikt låter bättre än någonsin. 

- Linn Österberg i Sea Lion, vars förrädiskt mjuka sånger alltid lyckas krypa långt in under skinnet.

PLATS: Radiohuset i Göteborg
TID: Onsdag den 16 september. Insläpp klockan 20.00, direktsändningen börjar 20.30.
HUR: Gratis! Men du måste anmäla dig via formuläret nedan.

Vi kommer intervjua artisterna i programmet, så skicka gärna med en fråga vi kan ställa!

Om du fått en plats blir du kontaktad via e-postadressen du uppger senast dagen innan sändning. Du måste sedan bekräfta din plats genom att svara på det mailet.

Popaganda-spelning - Bilder&video

Bilderna är från facebook sidan "Vi som är fan av Tove Styrke". 

Meet Tove Styrke, Sweden's Latest Musical Talent to Storm the States


405tv Interview: Tove Styrke x Way Out West

The 405 recently spent a few days in Gothenburg for Way Out West Festival 2015, and quite frankly had a marvellous time - see our Photo Essay from the experience here.

While in Sweden's second city we had a chat with the very charming Tove Styrke about all things Way Out West and Gothenburg, and also the concept of "ugly dancing". Watch our video with the popstar below.

Tove's second album Kiddo is out now via RCA/Sony, an album that should be soundtracking your summer if it is not doing so already. Be sure to catch her on a UK tour here this autumn.

P3spanderer / Tove Styrke - Ego


Eskilstuna parkfestival

Jag hittade inga bilder från festivalen, så kommentera gärna om ni har hittat bilder från uppträdandet. 
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