Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You - Äntligen här!

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Verse 1
I think I hit a nerve when I burst solitude
Palooka set in motion and it’s drowning you
I know you feel that pop doesn’t really have a clue
But even if I’m loud it doesn’t mean I’m talking to you

Verse 2
You’re educated now but you never stand a chance
Sophisticated ain’t helping you to do the dance
I think you’re stuck in that me myself and I romance
But that’s too wild for you man to understand

Verse 1

Verse 3
You got a true mad deep big crush on yourself
I hope you hit the ground hard when you fell for yourself
You got that crossed armed posture such a sorry sight
If you do shit like that I don’t need to be nice
I got my half ass rhymes to set me free
That’s why you never ever ever can get to me
I sense my loolycomotion’s like a brick at you 
But even if I’m loud it doesn’t mean I’m talking to you

Verse 1

Nah can’t take it Imma break it i´m gonna shake it off me now
Within 27 minutes I’m gonna shake it like a diva
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